More on Relocating

Preparing for Transitions


It will take time – don’t expect miracles


Everyone is different – be patient


Sometimes the child you least expect has the problem




Say Good-Bye Well:

  1. Revisit all your favorite places
  2. Take photographs
  3. Make a collage
  4. Keep a journal
  5. Have a party
  6. Reminisce with your family
  7. Tell people that you appreciate their friendship
  8. Make plans for a trip back or reunion
  9. Plan something to look forward to after moving


Family Support:

  1. Plan to be more available for a while
  2. Don’t let your social life take priority over kids’ needs
  3. Keep family unit sacred so children will know they are important to you even when they feel unknown to others
  4. Keep things simple for a while – allow them downtime
  5. Don’t feel guilty – focus on the positive


Communicate with New Teacher

  1. Anticipate that new school may create challenges
  2. Explain transition that child has experienced
  3. Assume there will be subject area gaps and areas where your child is ahead
  4. Tell teacher what you observe at home
  5. Ask teacher what he/she is observes at school

One Response to More on Relocating

  1. Sarah, NY says:

    The communication with your child’s new teacher is so important but also so different in different countries and cultures, and often newcomers might not take advantage of this relationship. In the US, the norm is for parents to have a lot of communication with teachers and it is not unreasonable for a parent to write an email to a teacher or schedule and appointment just to check-in and see how things are going whereas I don’t believe this is the case is some other parts of the world where the parent doesn’t play as active of a role.

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