First Day

My first day at my new school in the


When I walked into the class, everyone gasped at me. I thought I would be nervous, but to my surprise I wasn’t at all. That day a girl introduced me to some people and told me how things work in class. After that I was known as the new girl. After a week the girl started being really mean to me. I made friends but I felt different.

In my old school (an International school) there were always new kids, they weren’t called new or anything like that. We were used to people moving away and coming.

Everything here is fine, but I really miss my friends Yasmina, Emma and Maria a lot!


By Tess, 4th grade




My first day


My first day was really fun. I got a buddy; every one welcomed me with saying their name and hobby. They were all wearing a name tag. They all introduced themselves.


By Stijn, 3rd grade





When I arrived at the airport, it was noon. I was extremely tired, I felt like sleepwalking. The next day they told me I had jetlag….

Including the rest of the family, great.

When school started, things were much different than I expected. Walls covered up with quotes and art, whilst the lockers were small.

My buddy was called Maddy, after a few minutes I noticed she was popular.

Everybody was introduced to me; becoming “the new girl” was funny.

The only problem was that it took a few weeks for them to find the right level for me; the program at this school is easier.

Things are going fine at this school, yet I do think about my friends, school and home left behind in
Budapest every day.



By Eva, 7th grade


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