What are you most proud of?

Today I visited a wonderful school.  The facility was impressive and the outside play area magnificent.  There are two award winning science labs.  They start teaching foreign language through immersion in the earliest years. After a lengthy tour we had the opportunity to ask questions of the head of school.  After seeing such an inspiring school I was curious, and asked her what she was most proud of.  She answered without hesitation “the relationships between faculty and children.”

“They come to us at three and the boys leave us shaving and the girls, as my great aunt used to say, “wearing foundational garments.”  We love to love your children.”  Then she added that some parents feel that they need to choose between a school which is academically rigorous and one that is nurturing.  To her, that seems counterintuitive.  “Don’t children learn better when they are nurtured?  Isn’t it easier for them to take risks?”

A parent came up to me and thanked me for asking the question.  The other questions had been about the amount of homework and when keyboarding is taught.  This wise woman had reached at least one parent. 



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