Teenage Student Comments on Moving…

 From SB  5/4/07 When I heard from my mother for the first time that we would relocate to New Jersey I was not happy at all.  I did not want to leave my friends in Switzerland. However, all my classmates told me how lucky I was to get thischance, and finally I agreed to go.  Our school consultant, Alison, discussed all options with me and my mother. We decided then to go for Dwight Englewood School, and after taking a test and an interview, I finally got the news that I was admitted. I was very happy, but still felt insecureabout the future. In my old class in Switzerland I was one of the best students, but would I be able to stay on that level in a new environment? The first weeks were hard. I had to catch up a lot, because of course the learning matters were different. But I also had a lot of support from teachers, school counselors and class mates. Now it has been half a year that I am attending Dwight Englewood. Today I really feel integrated, and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful schooland community. I am looking forward to the remaining one year and a half,and feel excellently prepared for my further life and career.


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    Thanks so much for your great comments. Can you please sign your blog?

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