Friday Night is Game Night

When we moved our family from Boston to Dallas we knew that football was big deal. Dallas CowboysWe just did not realize how important football is to the Texas community. We found out soon enough.

As I recall, it was a beautiful Autumn day, the temperature was 78 degrees, the sun was out with a nice breeze. I called my husband at work and asked if he wanted to go out for dinner, just the two of us? He said, “What a nice way to start the weekend by going out to dinner on Friday night.” “Great.” I replied.

It was about 11am when I started calling for babysitters. My first phone call was to our regular babysitter. Her mom answered the phone and the conversation flowed something like this:

“Can Mandy babysit tonight?”
“It’s Friday night.”
“Yes. I know. My husband and I would like to go out for dinner and wondered if Mandy was available?”
“She will be at The Game tonight.”
“Oh I didn’t realize Mandy was a cheerleader.”
“She is not a cheerleader. She is just going to go to The Game.”

As I made my way down the list of potential babysitters the conversations I had were all very similar. I realized that Friday night meant Game Night and that the whole community went to The Game. Some of the my potential babysitters were in the band or the cheerleading squad or the dance line or the color guard. Or people were just going to go and watch the local high school play football. People who did not even have children in high school went to The Game, held season tickets and slept outside overnight to get the best seats for the playoffs.

I gave up calling for babysitters at about 5pm. I made one additional phone call – to the pizzeria. They delivered a pizza for our “dinner out” but were running a bit late because of all the pre-Game orders.



One Response to Friday Night is Game Night

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can some of our other readers comment with the GAME equivalent in other countries?


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