New 8th Graders

grumpinessYou are the top class in school.  You feel a sense of your own importance.  You also feel unsure of the future.  Your hormones leave you reeling.  Try a smile!  See below for what happened to the unhappy 8th grader.  The 8th grade class was in rehearsal for graduation ceremonies.  All was going well.  Suddenly the coordinator of the certificates received notice to change the order of recipients.  John Doe was to be moved to the end of the line where he would not be in full view of all the proud parents’ cameras.  He had sat in rehearsal, arms folded, looking totally grumpy instead of reflecting his pleasure at his achievement.   Will he carry this attitude forward? I wonder what he will think years later as he shares the photograph with his future family?  Past grumpy 8th graders please reply, you know who you were!!



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