Think about Repatriation BEFORE Choosing Schools Overseas

A German student who attended a US public high school for four years was moving back to Germany.  She was not accepted to a German university because the university did not recognize her US high school diploma as adequate for entry into the rigorous German university academic program.  Interested in studying pre-med, she was told that she would have to repeat two years of high school in Germany before she could enter into the pre-med program at the university there.  Once in Germany, she opted to attend a private business university rather than repeat grades 12 and 13 in a German high school.   Had she attended one of the US high schools in her area that offered the IB curriculum and completed the 2 year diploma program, she would have had more options upon repatriation.  Among them, she would have been more likely to have been accepted into the German University.

Hence the importance of keeping repatriation in mind when considering a move overseas. 


One Response to Think about Repatriation BEFORE Choosing Schools Overseas

  1. findingschools says:

    This issue is something families moving internationally often forget especially if they move when the children are younger and the belief is that the assignment will be only for a couple of years. Fom personal experience and chatting with other families, once a family takes an expat move, the assignment tends to become longer or they are moved to more than one international location. Suddenly, parents are faced with the dilemma of limited choice of where their chilidren can attend high school or college. It is wise to plan ahead to the best of your ability, no matter the age of your children.
    Judy Carlton

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