Home Schooling

In March, a California Appeals Court banned parents without teaching qualifications from home schooling their children.  The home school community reaching 166,000 children was taken by surprise.  The CA teachers’ union’s view was that all children have a right to be taught by a credentialled teacher.   The CA courts are considering reviewing the decision.  What do you think?  Are parents qualified to teach their children?             Alison



One Response to Home Schooling

  1. chinesecanuck says:

    Whether homeschooling is good or bad depends on the curriculum a family chooses for their children. To prepare kids for a regular college and the “real world” certain church based curricula may not necessarily be the best (and neither are certain religious schools). I don’t have any kids yet, but if I had kids and were to homeschool them, I’d use the officially approved curriculum of the jurisdiction I live in.

    I think most parents would be fine teaching the lower grades, but high school is a different story. For example, I never took Spanish or German. If my kid wanted to take Spanish or German, I would not be qualified to teach. That’s when the tutor comes in. Since tutors can be expensive, it’s best that they’re shared with other families.

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