Drowning in Books

Last night I was talking to a friend about how he used to practice with his high school soccer team until long after sunset.  I asked him how in the world he managed to do that and finish his homework.  His answer was that he had about two hours of homework per night.  He attended a well regarded public school here in New York.  I attended a well regarded private girls school in Virginia and had up to six hours of homework per night, especially during the AP heavy junior year.  Athletic or theater involvement after school was also required.  However, the activities had to be school sponsored- we were discouraged from participating in extra-curriculars outside of the school.  While I was very well prepared for the academic rigors of college, I would also argue that I was somewhat burned out.  So my question is:  what is the optimal balance for high school students between homework, extra-curricular activites, and down time?


One Response to Drowning in Books

  1. findingschools says:

    The beauty of having different kinds of schools is that some kids thrive on 6 hours of homework, and others thrive on 6 hours of soccer. The problem is that when parents impose their values on their children, a child who thrives on 6 hours of homework may end up in a school that places a high value on athletics, or a passionate athlete may not have time left after homework to play. When parents expose their children to everything, and follow their lead in choosing their schools, kids end up where they belong. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often enough.

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