Acceptable Lengths

Parents in Southern Spain have complained that other parents are faking divorces to get their children into desired schools.  Parents in the UK will lie about where they live to have their children attend a particular school.  In other areas, parents may make “donations”.  What are acceptable lengths to achieve your ends?  What messages are parents sending their kids?




One Response to Acceptable Lengths

  1. findingschools says:

    Your question is thought provoking, and I just learned of another example of the same issue surfacing in NYC. In Saturday’s NY Times there was an article about public schools in neighborhoods where schools are known to be good becoming overcrowded as a result of development of high income housing. As a result, schools will be redistricted with local students sent to schools in other locations. This phenomenon in NY will undoubtedly have the same effect.

    It is correct that parents send mixed messages to their children – dishonesty is alright to access good schooling – in all of these cases. However, when countries, states and cities cannot provide adequate public schooling, and availability of quality public schooling changes capriciously once parents have made housing decisions, parents are put in a no-win position.

    Parents should be able to teach and live honesty and also have adequate schools to send their children to. Poor planning and execution in government is not an excuse to teach children dishonest behavior, but certainly explains it.

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