Taking school choice to heart

It’s my first day at School Choice International and I was very fortunate to attend a lunchtime presentation given by one of the educational consultants, Linda.  It was a case study of a family with a special needs child that was starting the relocation process from scratch- but prioritized the school selection component.  Linda’s search and services for the family became a personal quest to  truly find the  right fit for the child.  She spoke of making hundreds of calls, to several school districts and getting detailed information that most would not be privy to.  She was able to find the family the school with the perfect fit for their child, and as she spoke tears welled in her eyes.


2 Responses to Taking school choice to heart

  1. David Pusey says:

    Kudos to School Choice International, what a great job you all do.

    When helping folks relocate to Georgia, please keep in mind the Center for an Educated Georgia, the source for school choice information in the Peach State.

    I would love to tell you more about our organization and what we can offer to those needing assistance finding a school after relocating to Georgia.

    Warmest Regards,

    David Pusey
    Education Policy Specialist
    Center for an Educated Georgia

  2. Judy C. says:

    Every time I hear a story shared by School Choice Consultants working around the world about the children and the families they have worked with to find the right school, I am reminded how personal this relationship can be and how emotional the work can be. Each Consultant becomes very involved in the process, whether the child has Special needs or not, and this is what makes this company unique. The untold hours spent researching about schools and the late nights when we are awake and thinking about the families makes this work challenging yet so rewarding. This is the unique personal touch that each family wants and deserves.
    Judy C.

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