Decision Time

Obama family faces school decision
Before President-elect Barack Obama and his family make Washington, D.C., their home in January, the Obamas will decide whether to enroll their daughters in a private or public school in the district. Washington Post columnist Jay Mathews believes the Obamas will choose Georgetown Day School, which is similar to the private school where the girls currently are enrolled, but Mathews said the family also should look at some of the area’s public schools.  

Click here to read the whole article from The Washington Post.

What do you think about the decision facing the first family?  (No, not the dog decision, the school decision!)


2 Responses to Decision Time

  1. Elizabeth says:

    When the Obama’s chose Sidwell, they were obviously concerned about the welfare of their daughters. But they were also sending a loud message to the American people. And it was not necessarily consistent with the one that the values and philosophies they have expressed had led us to expect.

  2. Karen says:

    Absolutely Liz. The first family can say they identify with “the people” but when it comes to their own children they have chosen private. I tend to think what would the psyche of the American people be if the Obama’s had chosen a good solid public school. Could “the best” for your children be giving them a less homogenous environment to learn? Even if you could afford a private school setting?

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