Schools and the Economy

Will there be less pressure on children when it comes to private school entry now?  Is this a silver lining amidst the turmoil?images2


3 Responses to Schools and the Economy

  1. Sara says:

    Assuming that the question is “will admissions to private schools be less competitive because there will be fewer applicants as a result of the economic downturn?” In the Pacific Northwest, the answer is “no.” The top private schools here – in the 5-12 band – experienced a 20% increase in applications last year. This year, they are receiving applications at about the same level. No reduction. Admissions directors hypothesize that while certain luxuries can be forgone in an economic crunch, the fundamentals, such as the best education possible for one’s children, remain supported in the family budget, come what may.

  2. Karen says:

    I think the greatest change we might see is not the lower number of applicants but perhaps a rethinking of tuition. Here in Los Angeles, one private school actually LOWERED their tuition while another is freezing its annual cost to educate a child. Unheard of! I would love to see in the future, tuition based on the ability to pay – what some Ivy League schools are attempting to jump start. I am not talking about financial aid but rather establishing individulalized tuition rates based on a family’s income. The upper middle and middle class families will probably pull their child(ren) out of private school before asking for financial aid. Perhaps individualized tuition for each family upon enrollment would insure keeping that student until culmination. This in turn might truly make private school more affordable for the masses.

  3. Judy C. says:

    Applications for the private schools in San Francisco remain very competitive and the application numbers to the top schools remain high despite the current economic situation. The difficulty of getting into a good public school in the city based on a lottery system remains frustrating for families trying to make an informed decision about the best school option for their children and as a result many families have turned to the private schools.

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