A PreSchool Closing

On December 5, parents of children enrolled in New York’s Greenwich House Preschool learned that the school would be closing on January 5 for financial reasons.   Will there be others to follow?


2 Responses to A PreSchool Closing

  1. Lauren says:

    That’s not much time to find an alternative!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Pre-schools which close certainly upset parents and their young children; although alternatives should be available at neighboring pre-schools, churches, synagogues, neighborhood YMCA’s. Often pre-schools have staggered start dates and pricing plans for those who begin later in the school year due to birth dates. You may be able to piece together pre-school activity programs at local libraries.

    Elementary, Middle and High Schoolers faced with their private or Charter school closing in the middle of the school year is more of a problem. The back-up plan is always to switch to attend local public schools. Most students can register and begin to receive a public school education immediately by calling the local school to set up a registration appointment. Parents should present themselves and their students to register with each student’s birth certificate and evidence of local residency such as a paid tax bill or executed lease. Take care to meet with the School Guidance counselor, Principal, or Assistant Principal who should advise the student on how to best make the transition – academically and socially.

    For a variety of reasons, private or Charter school openings may become available during the school year. Contacting the Guidance Department or Director of Admissions should be a start to see if desired private or Charter school has an opening, at the last minute.

    An education is not complete in just one year. There are always ways to catch up and improve a prior year’s educational challenge.

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