School Choice International launches educational web-tool for families relocating globally

(White Plains, NY, Jan 2009) Relocating families now have a cost-effective, web-based resource to understand and compare educational systems across the globe. Global Education Explorer ™, developed by premiere global educational consulting firm School Choice International, will enable corporations, relocation agencies and parents to quickly compare curriculum, assessments and customs between countries.  Global Education Explorer™, encompasses all aspects of children’s educational experiences – including academic content, curriculum mapping, and traditions like what to wear to school, how birthdays are celebrated, and teacher gifts.


Accurate country specific ‘what parents need to know’ information makes all the difference in a successful transition. Family adjustment concerns are primary reasons for declined or failed relocation assignments. Parents and global corporations will now have a quick and cost effective way to assess the schooling component of an overseas relocation opportunity.


“Global Education Explorer is an ideal tool. My clients can compare IB curricula or other educational options and customs in the countries they are considering relocating to” says Linda Kiarsis, Educational Consultant.


The pilot of Global Education Explorer will be launched on January 7, 2009 with a free trial corporate subscription for its first three locations: Australia, Switzerland, and the UK. A full selection of locations will rolled out throughout the year.


For more information see, or contact Jean Mann at or call 914-328-3000




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