Got to Go: What to Know

south-american-boy-with-appleThe economy is causing many unexpected, and sudden repatriations.  Today’s blog will include some tips on what to do when departing from a school abroad to best prepare your children to re-enter a school at home.

Tips for Academic Departure Success:

  1. Identify key supporters at school and obtain contact details in case family needs anything after leaving;
  2. Take hard copies of transcripts and know how to obtain soft copies;
  3. Ask school to write up basis for grading if appropriate;
  4. Get teacher recommendations while still familiar to teachers;
  5. Talk to teachers about types of school where child would thrive in new home;
  6. Bring description of curriculum by subject;
  7. Gather awards, certificates, or physical evidence of qualifications achieved;
  8. Bring medical certificates in hand luggage.

Tune in tomorrow’s for Tips for Academic Arrival Success!


One Response to Got to Go: What to Know

  1. Jeannie says:

    Each one of my children has a medium-sized box of personal work including selected art projects from younger years, and computer discs illustrating their completed academic projects, through the years. This has been helpful to recall, reflect and demonstrate prior efforts and success. Leave some room for new work!

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