School Vacations

Our best vacations from school include:

Keeping a journal, with each family member taking turns writing a daily entry.

Reading books for pleasure, while relaxing in a sunny spot.

Adventuring in a new site; new to all family members.

Greatest hits; revisiting favorite places, that we never get enough of visiting.

Letting each family member plan a day or be in charge of selecting an activity.

Avoiding routine appointments, or consolidating as many as possible in the shortest time.

Good deeds; volunteering to help others.


What ingredients do you suggest for an enjoyable school vacation, or vacation day?

What would your children say was their favorite vacation or day off and why?


One Response to School Vacations

  1. Liz says:

    My husband was a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and his parents dragged him all over Europe on school holidays visiting churches and art museums. He hated every moment, but when we lived in London, he delighted in returning to the same sites to show his own children, bored to tears and irritability, the same treasures.

    Once we repatriated, our daughter said, “I miss travelling so much it hurts.”

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