Got to Go: What to Know (part 2)

Tips for Academic Success on Arrival :

  1. Have any documents translated;
  2. Find out health requirements for new school (more than one day before starting) and plan for medical exam in new home;
  3. Understand age/grade relationships as well as schoolwork/grade relationships;
  4. Discuss relative merits of age vs. schoolwork for grade placement with head of school;
  5. Understand curriculum;
  6. Learn application process and deadlines;
  7. Advocate for child about entering sports and other extracurricular programs mid-year;
  8. Maintain a sense of humor.

One Response to Got to Go: What to Know (part 2)

  1. Jeannie says:

    Developing a support system of information is also an important survival technique.

    Subscribe, if available, to school or parent-teacher association a weekly email newsletter of school activities, announcements.

    Become a parent volunteer in support of the activites your children have interest in, at whatever level you are able, be it a one-time 30 minute task or more.

    Join a community ‘Newcomers’ club.

    Get your antenna out and get to know reliable local information gatherers with informational resources for your family such as school receptionists, out-reach officers of local parents’ groups, long-time building doormen, local librarians, managers of supermarkets, clergy, and more. These individuals may well know how to connect you and your family with well-known sources, as a starting point for a wide-range of information and individuals, developed by existing local parents in support of family needs and interests.

    Smile, and make a few new pals.

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