Accepting Your Children

Today’s NY Times includes a touching article about a couple’s struggle to accept their son’s autism.  You can read the article here.  What struck me, as I read it, is that Jonah’s parents were not all that different from many other parents of children who don’t have autism or any learning or other disability.   It is not uncommon for parents to have an image of their child, when trying to fit that child into a mold is no more realistic than Jonah’s parents were in trying to “fix” his autism.  Jonah’s parents finally let go and gave him the gift of acceptance.  When more parents of typically developing children can do the same, we will see more children thriving in school and in life.



3 Responses to Accepting Your Children

  1. findingschools says:

    This was a lovely article outlining a very difficult journey that so many parents have undertaken who have a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. The journey is long and painful for many, often resulting in the breakdown of the marriage as their child becomes the focus of everything they do and think about, leaving little or no time for other children, time for self development or time to nurture the relationship with one’s partner. Liz is right – this family is an extreme example of what all parents go through whether they realize it or not. This is a great reminder to love our children unconditionally, nurture family relationships and let our children take the lead about what the want to learn and how they want to do it. Judy

  2. Jeannie says:

    What is also interesting is that this is one of the first main stream journalism articles that focuses on lifestyles of young adults with autism.

    Most public schools will provide educational and support services through age 21.

    It is great to learn about experiences and futures with possibilites for all young adults.

  3. Chantal Lasry says:

    Thank you, Liz, for pointing out this article. I have the quotation on my personal business card that says
    “It starts with acceptance”. You can only move on if you do accept. Sincerely Chantal

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