Finding A Tutor or Learning Coach

Often additional preparation and reinforcement will help students.  Sometimes it’s remedial, or review for specific material, such as to prepare for a test or mid-term or end of year exam, or for additional subject enrichment.
It is very acceptable to find sports coaches for individual or groups to improve, such as a “Tennis” coach or instructor to improve tennis strokes.  Hearing someone teach a different way to approach the ball, brings the stroke and ball right to the sweet-sounding spot of the racquet.
Why not find a “Learning” coach for organization skills, academics, or guidance?  Maybe hearing the material again or explained differently will bring in more positive results.
Often the best learning coach is at your student’s school.  Discuss the question or need directly with your child’s teacher.  Most teachers will quickly identify subject matter where they see that additional help or enrichment will benefit your student. 
Begin by asking the subject teacher for additional time either before, during or after school.  Maybe your school has set up  a “Help” center staffed by their own staff teachers to help students during school study or lunch periods and after school hours by subject.  Other schools have various after-school clubs including ‘Homework Assistance’ or enrichment clubs.  Often gifted students or National Honor Society students will tutor peers or younger students.  Guidance departments may have lists of tutors by subject area.  For enrichment there may be teachers at a higher grade level, who have extra time for those students with special interests.
Explaining to your child that we all can use additional help, or instruction for sports and other life skills and challenges may make the topic of spending additional time to improve their expertise more appealing.  Then finding a teacher, tutor or learning coach who has familiarity with the specific material, textbooks, school and teachers, such as an in-school tutor, be they another teacher or staff member, provides learning continuity, and one more advocate for your student, within the school environment. 

One Response to Finding A Tutor or Learning Coach

  1. Karen says:

    This was very interesting to me because I am a “learning coach”. We are also called academic managers or I use academic coach. The students I see often times do have a tennis coach, private music teacher etc. so why not give a student a one on one with academics? I mainly serve as a mentor and help organize a middle or high schoolers work. I help with the “big picture” and assist the student to strategize and prioritize hence teaching them to use their time more wisely. I worked with a student who was getting Ds to being on the honor roll the first trimester I worked with him. You won’t believe how valuable motivation and expectation can be to a student!

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