Kids and Sports – A Cautionary Tale

Check out this article by Mark DiIonno in the Star Ledger, 4/29.  Interrupted dinners, disrupted family life, a free-ride and a change of heart!  AA


3 Responses to Kids and Sports – A Cautionary Tale

  1. Carola says:

    I think most of these sports-obsessed parents (and I assure you, it’s the parents not the students) have forgotten the primary purpose of going to college. Do most of these parents actually want a career in SPORTS for their sons and daughters? Of course not. They want an EDUCATION. And, as the article so eloquently points out, college sports simply devours that — and any semblance of normal college life as well.

  2. Jeannie says:

    Always check to see that universities and colleges have a high regard and value the very hard-working ‘student-athlete.’

    One way is to investigate how many athletes actually graduate with a four-year degree. Most schools that are proud of their sports and academic programs promote their % of student athlete graduates each year.

  3. findingschools says:

    A great way for ANY parent to learn what a school really stands for is to attend a high school sporting event. Is the ethos of the school team to:

    1) Win at any price?
    2) Teach skills?
    3) Teach sportsmanship?

    Liz Perelstein

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