Academic Integrity

When and why do students start cheating? Is it done due to the academic pressure put on the students to do well, or laziness on the part of the children, or is it done for money, or because everyone is doing it and getting away with it? It is becoming more and more common, and it is a rare student who does not indulge in it. How should schools put an end to it, and can they ever really be successful in stopping it?


One Response to Academic Integrity

  1. Vicky Singh says:

    In my opinion, the reasons for cheating are a combination of the ones mentioned in the article. Unfortunately, this trend is truly a reflection of our society and the emphasis we place on results rather than process. Basically, there can be tremendous learning that results from failure but our natural tendency is to protect our children (and ourselves) from any type of failure. So the end result is a tremendous focus on the ‘outer’ and very little ‘inner’ reflection taking place. I certainly have faith and hope that through awareness, this path can change. As appropriately quoted, ‘the path of a thousand miles starts with the first step’. Let’s all see how we can change our own attitudes and pay more attention to the ‘process’ rather than the ‘outcome’.

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