Legacy Admissions – for PUBLIC school?

Legacy AdmissionsLeave it to Los Angeles.  The Beverly Hills and the Santa Monica/Malibu school districts are implementing a legacy admissions policy for their PUBLIC school system.  Go figure.  It only makes sense.  The Ivy League colleges as well as the universities give preference to applicants who had a parent or other relative attend.  Why not deepen a family’s allegiance to their alma mater opening their pocket books as well?  For the first time in this nation, these public school systems will give preference to out of district kids whose parents once walked their campuses.  They feel their grandparents may still be living in the area, supported the school, voted on school bonds and their children just got priced out of the area.  Why not let the grandkids go?  Others believe this idealogy is undemocratic and demeans the whole idea of a public education.  What are your thoughts?



2 Responses to Legacy Admissions – for PUBLIC school?

  1. Lauren says:

    Demeans the whole idea of public education. If the parents are being priced out, perhaps the community needs to address that larger issue (the pricing out is a big problem in NY suburbs too).

  2. Jeannie says:

    Some public school districts have declining student populations which makes room for more students. They may allow non-resident students to attend on a fee basis. It is a way to generate revenue for the school district and defray costs for taxpayers.

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