Country to Country

One of the biggest issues School Choice addresses during our school searches is that of curriculum comparison.  Often families moving from one country to another fear that their child will either be behind or ahead of his or her peer group in the new country.  We often advise families that when children move it is inevitable that they will be ahead in some subjects and behind in others.  For those of you who are expats, how has this played out in your family?

(If you are contemplating a move, our new Global Education Explorer has a great curriculum comparison tool.)


One Response to Country to Country

  1. Karen says:

    When we moved back from Australia, my oldest son was going into 10th grade. The biggest challenge was because of the different way that subjects were taught. In Foreign language, Australia put a larger focus on conversation while in the US, the emphasis is on grammar and vocabulary. Due to specialization that occurs in Upper Secondary years in Australia,the math and science curriculum is very broad in lower secondary school. Therefore my son was behind the other US kids in Algebra who had a full year of just Algebra, while his maths curriculum had included exposure to Algebra, Geometry, and other broad areas of math.

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