The New School Question Part II

And now for some pros and cons regarding established schools:

The advantages in terms of an existing track record, a stable management structure, a clear well executed curriculum, longstanding staff members, a large student body and ample activities and resources are clear.  The disadvantages are that they may rest on former reputation and may not be doing as much to earn it as new schools; they may have faculty who have been around too long; their facilities may be overcrowded or dated.

Just because a school has been around for many years does not suggest it is a better choice.  I have worked in schools with outstanding reputations, where hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on technology that the teachers refused to learn to use, or where teachers would not spend ten minutes of a lunch hour to assist a child because it was not in their union contract.  I have worked in other schools with low test scores where teachers routinely gave up their evenings and weekends to attend children’s music recitals and sporting events.


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