English Ban in Education

The Malaysian government has decided to ban the use of English when teaching math and physics.  The controversial decision comes after a push by Malay nationalists.  Parents, teachers, and leaders in both politics and business are concerned that the decision will adversely affect the country’s international competitiveness.  Read the article here.


One Response to English Ban in Education

  1. Judy C. says:

    Whenever there is change in policy within the education field, there are always emotional responses. This is especially true in a situation like what is happening in Malaysia as it will impact so many people – students, educators and the country overall. No one approach to learning or teaching is appropriate for everyone. Arguments can be made from the local minority groups as well as those families looking from an international perspective. Creating a solution with a “one size fits all” attitude can be very dangerous. In this situation, are all schools inpacted – private, international and local schools? International families moving to Malaysia with children should follow this issue closely.

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