The Recession and Small Private Schools

Educators (and educational consultants!) continue watching closely to see how the recession is affecting private school admissions.  Of special interest has been whether or not competition to gain entry into schools has decreased.  What is not discussed as much is how the state of the economy particularly affects smaller private schools.  The New York Times brought this struggle to light on September 8 (“Recession Batters Britain’s Smaller Private Schools.”)

Have either of these issues been obvious where you live?  Are private school applications down?  Have any schools closed?


2 Responses to The Recession and Small Private Schools

  1. My impression is that, for the most part, schools that were terribly oversubscribed are still full, although admissions may not have been as competitive this year. The schools feeling most pain are those that may have been newer, less widely known, or less popular in their communities. This is a shame because I have always felt that “Avis: We Try Harder” schools often have very involved teachers, and use a great deal of creativity to try to earn a reputation. If these are the ones that are losing students and funding, there will be fewer valuable educational establishments for families to choose from.

  2. Jeannie says:

    I have heard of long-time public, private and parochial schools that are consolidating or closing as many school boards are looking for ways to contain costs. It may be a good idea to keep on hand yearly up-to-date records on student progress so ability to shift gears is in hands of parents.

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