Education… for Education’s Sake?


Dearest Readers,


Do you believe in education for education’s sake, or is education a means to a professional end? What do you think about this quote on teaching foreign languages?


“My son got the highest grade in the country in a Latin exam — absolutely meaningless in terms of finding a job, unless he wants to be pope.”

Sachs, St. Petersburg Times, Florida


4 Responses to Education… for Education’s Sake?

  1. Karen says:

    Education helps a person reach their full potential. I am middle aged and I am still learning every day. Being a manager and running a million dollar company has helped me become a better mom, and being a better mom has assisted me in being a better community member to help others. I took Latin (required) for 6 years at a private school and it has enriched my vocabulary through my ability to recognize root words. Conjugations and foreign languages in general help expand the mind. Everything we learn helps us cognitively, socially and emotionally. The more educated we are, the better chance we are to make the world a better place for others. Education does not stop in college nor the workplace. It is an effervescent spirit that happens in all of our experiences (including schooling)!

  2. findingschools says:

    Obtaining a formal education does not mean just learning facts and formulas. It is more about learning how to learn, research skills, listening to and observing others as well as working and learning with peers and adults. I agree with Karen that we are and should be learning each day whether in a formal educational setting or learning through life experiences. Let’s encourage our children to embrace the challenge of becoming lifelong learners!
    Judy C

  3. In my experience, parents who teach their children that education is a means to an end often end up with children who feel pressured and have difficulty meeting parental expectations, and may not develop a passion for learning that they otherwise could have had. When education is considered an end in itself, I have seen children learn to love learning and discover creative, exciting career paths that neither they nor their parents may have even known of.

  4. yeoman says:

    The education is not only to provide a job, it is the mean of learning about some thing. The education help the learner in develop the inner skills and ability. It give raise to the productivity of a person and lead to self-development.

    Online and email Tutoring

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