Abrupt Repatriations: Tips to Pass on to Parents

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Although the merits of sending families home before scheduled repatriation dates are a topic of continuous debate, we know that some companies are resorting to this course of action.  Where children are involved, the situation is understandably more sensitive, and companies are struggling to come up with cost-effective, yet fair and reasonable solutions.

If you find you have to make or implement difficult decisions when it comes to children and their education, preparing yourselves, and helping parents prepare, is the most effective way to handle the delicate task at hand.  Three things that parents should keep in mind are:

– The resilience of children

– Opportunities that come from change

– Thoughtful communication

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One Response to Abrupt Repatriations: Tips to Pass on to Parents

  1. findingschools says:

    Early repatriation is indeed a common occurance this year. Liz’s article about how to support children during this time of uncertainty and anxiety is timely and her key points are critical to ensure the move to a new school will go as smoothly as possible. I have experienced this situation myself as well as having watched many friends go through this in the last few months. The anxiety of the parents must be controlled as this does impact how the child feels. Repatriation can often be difficult back to countries where the school calendar is different. There has also been discussion about whether or not children of certain ages or stages of education are harder to repatriate than others. For all ages the move must be as thoughtful as when you first became an expat and to expect it to take time for all family members to readjust to life after repatriation. Liz is correct in saying that children often adjust quickly due to tehir resiliency compared to the adults! Judy C

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