Think College Now

From Forbes Magazine, July 7, 2010

Have you hear about Think College Now?

Maybe you should… Here are the facts!


Think College Now is a public elementary school of 300 students in Oakland, California. The goal is to have all the students attend college.


THE BEST PART – Thinking College

  • Hallways, notebooks and t-shirts bear emblems of various colleges
  • Classes divided into groups named after Ivy League schools
  • Signs that say “Am I making college-bound choices today?”


Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

  • 95% qualify for subsidized lunches
  • 60% speak English as a second language
  • In the city of Oakland, only 68% of students graduate from high school


The Proof

  • In 2009, 66% of the students speak English at grade level, versus 10% in 2003.
  • In 2009, 81% of the students are math proficient at grade level, versus 23% in 2003.


The Academics

  • Clear standards and ways to meet them
  • Frequent testing, transparent results and quick intervention
  • Active parents’ organization to support children



One Response to Think College Now

  1. house garden says:

    Are you serious? They are elementary students!

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