Building a Business

This evening I will be participating in a panel on entrepreneurship.  In preparation for this event I took a wonderful journey – I went back through the history of School Choice International. Fortunately I have kept a notebook of our original activities: a list of market research questions with answers scribbled on loose leaf pages.  A questionnaire about the child, a list of questions to ask at school visits, and our first brochure.  Perhaps most striking was our first database: a Xerox copy of a list of relevant schools and their contact details.

From this humble start School Choice International has become a company with 17 employees and 90 consultants in 50 key expatriate locations worldwide. 

It just shows the power of a dream.

Thanks to all who have been a part of our success.

Elizabeth Perelstein


2 Responses to Building a Business

  1. Karen says:


    I am so proud of you. It definitely is a great success program and a lesson for the children you place of what path a dream can take.

  2. findingschools says:

    Liz, if only we knew what we know now about moving from one country to another. Many of us who moved our families 15 – 20 years ago had no idea what to expect and no idea we needed help to make the experience a positive one for all family members. It has been a gift to see how School Choice International has grown as the needs of families have changed and the expectations have evolved. So wonderful to see so many families accepting international assignments including families who have a child with identified special needs. Making this kind of move with support is critical for all family members as the expectations and possible programs are constantly changing. We need companies like School Choice International to stay current on options and realities of any move.
    Judy C

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