School Choices Worldwide is published by School Choice International.  At School Choice International we understand that the school you choose for your child affects where you live, the type of community you join, the volunteer opportunities you have, the friends you make.  We also know that when relocating, understanding and evaluating the academic options in another location or country can be daunting.

School Choice was established to help families in transition choose the right school for their child.  We help parents and their children make the smoothest possible transition to a new school.  We manage and simplify the relocation process with a single goal in mind:  choosing the right school.  We have over 85 consultants in 40 locations worldwide and since 1998 have placed thousands of children in schools globally.

Please visit our website to learn more about how we can help you or your company.


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  1. Jeannie says:

    School Vacation Blog

    Our best times include:
    Keeping a journal, with each family member taking turns writing a daily entry.
    Reading books for pleasure, while relaxing in a sunny spot.
    Adventuring in a place, new to all family members.
    Greatest hits; revisiting favorite places, that we never get enough of visiting.
    Letting each family member plan a day or be in charge of selecting an activity.
    Avoiding routine appointments, or consolidating as many as possible in the shortest time.
    Good deeds; volunteering to help others as a family team.

    What ingredients do you suggest for an enjoyable school vacation, or vacation day?
    What would your children say was their favorite vacation or day off and why?

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