August 4, 2009

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Prep Controversy

July 21, 2009

alg_nyc_prep_shoppingTonight another episode of NYC Prep will air on Bravo.  NYC Prep is sort of like Laguna Beach– a reality show spinoff of a fictional teen soap.  One might say NYC Prep is to Gossip Girl as Laguna Beach is to The O.C. Having said that, NYC Prep seems to have ignited much more controversy than Laguna Beach ever did.  Although made fun of for perceived ditzy behavior, the California teens did not face the same level of criticism as the NYC teens.  While Laguna Beach focused on awkward dating situations and friendship, NYC Prep focuses much more on social status and money, with ugly reviews following.  Ironically, when Laguna Beach first started it was not widely known that many “reality shows” are at least partially scripted.  Though this is now at least somewhat publicly aknowledged, the NYC teens’ statements are often taken at face value.  Their unnamed schools have also had to take on some share of the scrutiny, with debates about whether or not students at the “top shelf” schools would ever be on the show.  This proved to be a somewhat moot point when it was revealed that one of the creators of the show is a graduate of one of the named “top shelf” schools.  How will this affect the NYC prep school “scene?”  Will the portrayal of one teenager affect the way parents view a certain school, or will they see it as inconsequential, like a pimple the night before a date?